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    Can I proceed for master's degree in another course without PGD?

    If you are thinking of studying abroad, you might have a chance of switching fields without a Postgraduate Diploma. However, it is quite difficult to do such in Nigeria. I am not saying it is impossible but your first degree discipline must be closely related to the second degree.
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    Study in Germany

    What form of assistance do you need?
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    NECO 2019 Primary School results

    S/N SUBJECT GRADE 1 Mathematics and Basic Science 44 2 English and Social Studies 45 3 Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude 44 4 Verbal Aptitude 34 Total 167
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    UNN Business School

    @Chisom When it comes to information like this, it is best to contact the UNN Business School directly. Why don't you send them an email or put a call through to them? They will tell you what to do.
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    UNN Business School

    What is it you want to know about the UNN Business School?
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    University of Lagos Pre-degree programme for Arts Students?

    Of course, UNILAG has Foundation Programme for Arts students. For example, there are: Creative Arts (Theatre Arts, Music, Visual Arts) English European Languages (French, Russian) History and Strategic Studies Linguistics, African & Asian Studies (Yoruba, Igbo) Philosophy You can find more...
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    Please how do i do change of institution myself?

    You should check this article on Change of Institution on our Blog @ If you have any other question, please ask.
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    Jamb result problem

    Have you tried complaining to JAMB? I would recommend that you tweet at them @JAMBHQ
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    I need Proof of Funds (PoF)

    Hello, how did it go?
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    I need Proof of Funds (PoF)

    I will send you the contact of the Bank's representative. Tell them you are from NGScholars. I hope you'll be fine with their terms though.
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    I need Proof of Funds (PoF)

    There's a bank that offers this. They give you proof of funds but their terms are quite not friendly to many people. If you are interested anyway, indicate in a comment and I will share their details with you.
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    Is Second Class Lower Eligible For Germany Scholarship?

    The tuition-free admission in Germany is not really scholarship awards as we know them. Universities in many regions in Germany are tuition-free i.e. they don't charge school fees. So, you don't get to pay tuition. So, whether you have a second class upper or lower, there are always courses and...
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    Which state in Nigeria is ABU Zaria located?

    Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is located in Zaria, Kaduna State in Nigeria.
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    What is the age limit for NYSC?

    Categories of people exempted from NYSC get exemption certificate. So, if you are 30 years and older, you apply for an exemption certificate.
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    What is the age limit for NYSC?

    Nigerians graduates who are over 30 years old when they graduate from the university are exempted from NYSC. So, if you are 30 years or older, you cannot serve under the NYSC scheme, you get an exemption. Others that are exempted from NYSC include part-time students.
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    What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?

    Please open a separate thread for this question. Thank you.
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    What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?

    That is our aim for starting this forum. To allow you get prompt and diverse opinions and facts. That being said, you should not have this problem with Pre-degree. This is because many schools that run pre-degree programmes make sure applicants also take JAMB UTME. Of course, they don't have to...
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    What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?

    Students admitted via IJMB, JUPEB, Foundation programmes usually don't have JAMB registration numbers. However, all students must have a registration number. JAMB regularization makes it possible to get registration numbers for such students. JAMB registration number is needed, for example when...
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    Does UNILAG accept HND for PGD?

    For many of its postgraduate programme, UNILAG does not accept HND for postgraduate diploma (PGD) Programme. To the best of my knowledge, I only know UNILAG accepts HND for postgraduate diploma (PGD) is Biomedical Engineering. To increase your chances of getting admission, make sure you have...
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    Can HND holders do masters?

    From the top of my head, I'd tell you that you cannot get Masters admission offer with HND certificate. If there are any out there, they are very few. Offers for Masters degree with HND requirements will be very few. You know your career path, just look for courses that you want and check the...