UNN Business School


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I wish to apply for 2019/20 Regular MBA programme. I am seeing a lot of contrasting information about it. Especially the SPGS portal is in contrast with UNN Business school portal requirements. I checked the new posts on this forum for information concerning this year's admissions and I am unable to find any. Please can someone shed more light on it. Precisely latest information


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Application process. I have completed the online part, but people are saying I have to send my documents to the school and it is not stated in the site, although I saw that in postgraduate school site. Also CBT, there's nothing on the site about it, although postgraduate school has theirs slated for July19. Someone told me that's the same day Business school will have theirs.


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@Chisom When it comes to information like this, it is best to contact the UNN Business School directly. Why don't you send them an email or put a call through to them? They will tell you what to do.